Ok great so you got your beans, now what!

Well, we know that chances are that you might be googling the following questions


How to germinate cannabis seeds? 

How to germinate my cannabis seeds?

How to germinate weed seeds? 

How do I germinate marijuana seeds?

What is the cannabis germination time-lapse?

How to germinate weed seeds for hydroponics?

How to plant weed seeds?


These are the questions that we deal with on a daily and as such we’re sharing the simple method that we use at the Cape Ape Seeds lab to get our cannabis seeds sprouting and thriving in the quickest amount of time possible.


Follow these easy steps on the best way to properly germinate your cannabis seeds, and find out how to transplant the seeds to the soil after germination.




  • Sterilized Cup 

  • Ph Meter/ Tester

  • Bottled Water

  • Glove

  • Paper towel

  • Ziplock bag

1. Get a clean cup of water (PH: 5.5 - 6.0 )

     water temp: Room Temperature


2. Place the seeds in the water, making sure they sink, leave them there till they do, if you see them not sinking it would be best to push them down with a clean object or hand (gloved) 


3. Let them stay in the water for 1-2 days (fem) 2-3 days (Auto) 


4. leave them in till they germinate or the sprout pops out. 


5. then move them to a wet paper towel and place them in a ziplock bag (closed) with enough air to form a greenhouse effect. 


6. Then rest them in the paper towelled ziplocked bag for 2 days, checking twice a day to ensure they are still wet. 


7. After this, you can plant them in the medium of your choice, we are sure you have enough knowledge to make them thrive after this.

And there you have it, a simple method to germinating your cannabis seeds. The next big topic would be how and when to transplant your ganja seedlings as this is vital towards the success of your thriving plants. 



What is the best temperature for germinating seeds? 

Cannabis seed germination thrives under relatively high and humid temperatures.

If it is winter it would be wise to invest in a source of heat distributor to get the average temperature around 26°C - 28°C and the humidity

at 70%.


There are quite a few products on the market that can assist with this.


Such as thermal cables, thermal mats or heated greenhouses. The heated greenhouse is a particularly perfect product for the job as it takes into consideration the humidity factor for sprouting cannabis seeds. 


However do note that a colder environment can result in very slow germination or no germination at all, whereas too high a humidity can induce a fungal or rot in the seeds.

For how long should I leave my seeds to germinate?

A common mistake is to leave the seedlings within the kitchen paper towel for too long until the cotyledons appear.


This is a clear indication that it is past the germination stage and into the growing stage. 


When the cotyledons apear the transplant could become very difficult and could damage the root of the seedling. That is why we recommend the best practice is to transplant the seedling before this stage. 


To avoid problems such as this we would recommend planting your cannabis seed when the taproot measures at approximately 1cm - 2cm.


This will give your weed plant the best chance at surviving its new medium without shock or damage. 

Why is it better to germinate your seeds in a paper towel?

Paper towels or specifically kitchen paper towels provide an excellent medium for germinating seeds. 


They are pathogen-free and make it easy to control the moisture content for

proper germination.


This method also takes the guesswork out of knowing if your seeds have germinated since you can easily observe them, as well as control their environment fully.

Are there any negative effects to the paper towel method? 

Yes, the biggest side-effect to the paper towel method is that the delicate, sprouted seeds must be transplanted manually by hand to soil or another moisture-holding medium such as vermiculite.


The main root of your seedling is very delicate and should not be touched. Use tweezers on the seed body or the cotyledons when moving them to your moist soil.

Want to read up on more ways to successfully grow and plant your cannabis seeds? Then click on the link below to read up on the transplanting of your cannabis seedlings.

Or struggling with your germination?

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How and When to Transplant Cannabis Seedlings >>




Disclaimer: Germination of Cannabis Seeds Is Illegal In Many Places on the Planet. This Is Strictly for Collecting. Please Know Your Local Laws in Regards to Cannabis. Cape Ape Seeds is not Responsible for Anyone who Does Not Comply with Their Local Laws, 

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